Rose of No Man’s Land Tattoo

Posted in Traditional Tattoos on January 10th, 2012

Here we have a tattoo of the Rose of No Man’s Land on Klecko. It is a famous tattoo from the World War 1 era, a tribute to the Nurses at the front lines helping the sick and wounded soldiers. I will get a nice healed photograph soon.

“I’ve seen some beautiful flowers,
Grow in life’s garden fair,
I’ve spent some wonderful hours,
Lost in their fragrance rare;
But I have found another,
Wondrous beyond compare.

There’s a rose that grows on “No Man’s Land”
And it’s wonderful to see,
Tho’ its spray’d with tears, it will live for years,
In my garden of memory.

It’s the one red rose the soldier knows,
It’s the work of the Master’s hand;
Mid the War’s great curse, Stands the Red Cross Nurse,
She’s the rose of “No Man’s Land”.

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